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    Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW) is a boutique whole health clinic for men and women. We offer accessible, high quality whole care for men and women. Our mission is to empower you to naturally restore your optimum health and rejuvenate your healthspan for maximum lifespan. Our core values are accessibility, quality, and transparency when it comes to your health. Highly attentive, patient-centered care that is comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated. Where patient empathy, curiosity, and patience all come together — one patient at a time. Our advanced medical insights and expertise result in superior patient health care outcomes — above and beyond that of conventional health care. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier, more resilient whole you. Learn more about us, our visionary health care approach, and how you (or someone you know) can truly benefit from better health care made simple.


    NOTE: PHW is soon relocating to our new Tysons clinic — in close proximity to our current McLean, VA (US) clinic that will be closing in mid-February 2023. Our new Tysons clinic is located at:  


    Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW)

    8321 Old Courthouse RD

    STE 202

    Vienna, VA (US) 22182


    8:30am-12:30pm EDT/EST

    1:30pm-4:30pm EDT/EST

    Closed Weekends & Major Holidays

    Opening Mid-February 2023


    New patients and referrals welcome. We always look forward to saying hello. Click on the New Patients button below to learn more about becoming a patient.



    Humera Malik, MD, DABIM

    Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)

    IFM Functional Medicine Practitioner

    ILADS Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)



    Dr. Humera Malik is a distinguished, Board-certified Internist who has worked extensively in both inpatient and outpatient health care settings throughout the Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) metropolitan area. She is a wellpreneur who launched Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW) to provide high quality adult whole health care with a more personal touch. Dr. Malik completed her Internal Medicine residency training in professional affiliation with the New York University Langone Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Upon completing her professional medical residency, Dr. Malik attained her Internal Medicine Board certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). She is actively licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia where she has practiced for over two decades.


    Dr. Malik is a International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation (ILADEF) trained Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). She has treated many patients with elusive Lyme disease and stealthy tick co-infections for almost two decades. Tick-borne Lyme Disease (LD) and co-infections are the most common vector-borne or insect-borne diseases in the US. Tick-borne pathogens are virulent and evade conventional detection while causing a wide spectrum of chronic medical conditions and illnesses. Many of Dr. Malik's Lyme patients present with an assortment of symptoms and issues to include: anxiety, brain fog, depression, abnormal sleep, abnormal weight, abnormal appetite, abnormal skin, as well as immunological, hormonal, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Malik is also highly experienced in treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia (ME), functional gastrointestinal disorders, as well as, undiagnosed and long haul illnesses, including Long COVID-19. She embraces the challenge of complex patients, unexplained symptoms, and invisible illnesses.


    Dr. Malik is a Functional Medicine practitioner who precisely identifies and treats the root cause of illnesses rather than just medicate-to-suppress symptoms. She is passionate about naturally restoring optimum health and revitalizing lifetime vitality through integrative diet and holistic lifestyle means. As a plant-based physician, she has successfully reversed chronic hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, prediabetes, and Type 2 diabetes where patients quit their dependence on pharmaceutical medications altogether. She believes that good health is not strictly defined by the absence of disease, but rather through a holistic balance of physical, mental, and social well-being. When she is not in the office, Dr. Malik enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends. 



    Root Cause Functional Medicine 


    Good health and lifelong wellness depend on the body's optimal natural balance. Total healing and health restoration are only possible when the root cause of illness or disease are precisely identified and treated. PHW follows the Functional Medicine (FM) clinical model — an evidence-based, biological systems approach to health care focused on preventing and reversing illness, as well as promoting lifelong wellness. We gather and analyze patient health data to assess the patient's overall health condition. We know that chronic medical conditions manifest differently for different people that is why we focus on your specific bio-individuality and health condition(s). We assess lab values, genetics, experience, lifestyle, and environment factors to precisely identify the core sources of the patient's condition. We methodically evaluate your unique core metabolism, bio-transformation, energy production, immune modulation, and hormonal regulation bio-markers. We work alongside the patient to re-balance their body’s core systems through diet, lifestyle and targeted medical-grade supplementation. We develop precise patient treatment plans — highly personalized road maps to include medical-grade nutraceutical and compounded supplements, holistic therapies, and specific dietary and lifestyle protocols to naturally reset your unique integrated core body systems. We treat your body's core systems so that nothing slips through the cracks to proactively prevent and reverse the risk of chronic illness, as well as promote extended wellness. When the root cause of illness are successfully treated, we find that patient symptoms typically resolve naturally. Personalized, precision, and preventative concierge care that you deserve.


    Your Path To Longevity


    PHW concierge care is for those patients in the know seeking greater insight into their healthspan to maximize their lifespan. Our concierge care is an exclusive offering for patients that prefer unrestricted, enhanced, precision specialty care — above and beyond that of conventional health care protocols. We integrate a wide assortment of conventional and proven integrative medical protocols including:

    • Orchestrating science, nature, and the most current data-driven research with action for precision diagnosis. Providing advanced, state-of-the-art testing and in-depth root cause analysis versus conventional health care disease-focused evaluation and basic standard of care protocols.
    • Partnering with highly specialized, leading edge medical labs and testing facilities to accurately identify underlying inflammation, oxidative stress, and impaired immunity bio-markers that result in poor health and illness. Investigating a spectrum of selective health factors, including genetics, immunity, gut health, metabolic pathways, toxins, pathogens, and parasites. Identifying any underlying root causes to precisely target and treat. Coordinating with patient health care providers for a 360 degree patient health care perspective.
    • Performing personalized nutrition and lifestyle analyses to be cognizant of the big picture of patient health because poor diet and toxic, stressful lifestyles frequently lead to chronic illnesses and diseases. Harmonizing holistic, functional, integrative, precision, complementary, restorative, alternative, lifestyle, and allopathic medicine elements to highly personalize patient treatment rather than the conventional health care's cookie cutter pharmaceuticals and hospital specialty procedure and surgery-driven approach.
    • Offering expanded treatment options versus basic standard of care treatment: we personalize bio-medical treatments, through a wide range of conventional and integrative modalities, including detoxification, lifestyle management, and nutritional therapy specific to your unique composition, needs, and health conditions. Pursuing new, cutting-edge natural treatments to reduce, even eliminate, the need for pharmaceutical medications altogether
    • Taking all the work out achieving your lasting wellness — no thinking required. Guiding our patients every step of the way with integrative wellness assessments that target whole body wellness — the optimal balance physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

    New patients and referrals welcome. Click on the New Patients button below to learn more about becoming a patient. 



    For Patients Who Know Better


    Patients in the know come to PHW for any of the following reasons:

    • "I don't want to be captive to one-size-fits-all conventional or retail health care."
    • "I'm not satisfied with the all to common lack of provider availability, long wait times, brief appointments, impersonal patient experience, complex medical bills, surprise billing, and health insurance run around."
    • "I'm willing to consider concierge care to supplement, if not replace, my conventional care."
    • "No other health care provider can figure out what is wrong with me."
    • "I need quicker access to high quality specialty care instead of waiting weeks or months."
    • "I want to reverse my chronic medical condition(s) to rely less on pharmaceutical medications side effects."
    • "I want to embrace my health and wellness in the most natural and holistic way."
    • "I'm willing to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to thrive."
    • "I'm healthy overall, but I want to rejuvenate my well-being: energy level, physical activity recovery, sleep, diet, cognition, aging, longevity, etc."

    If these reasons sound all too familiar then you are not alone. PHW is different. Discover our re-imagining of the doctor-patient relationship — as a relationship-based, whole health concierge clinic where our patients come first. Our patients are family and see us sooner rather than later — on their time and on their terms. One patient at a time. Signature VIP patient experience at every visit. For those who truly value their health and well-being as their top priority.


    Better Health Care Made Simple 


    PHW offers unparalleled concierge care services for men and women, including our signature VIP patient experience and complimentary concierge patient perks that include:

    • Concierge Care On Your Calendar. Fast access, high quality specialty care. Never have to wait to see us. Same or next day appointments. On-time, no wait office or virtual telehealth visits. 24/7 concierge care beyond a nurse line. See us when and where you want.
    • Reimagined Patient-Physician Relationship. One patient at a time. Unhurried, extended appointments. Always relaxed, conversational, with our full attention. Open communication and transparency to earn your personal comfort, trust, and confidence. Maximum provider face time, availability, accessibility, and patient connectivity. Signature VIP patient experience with every visit. One-on-one personalized concierge care for whatever comes your way.
    • Independent Patient Advocate. Patient first, fully independent, non-corporate patient advocate. We quarterback your continuity of care coordination with your health care providers and top health care specialists whom we have long-standing relationships with. We provide patient medical education, guidance, support, and advocate patient needs with third-party entities, including employers, health plans, etc.
    • Free To Join. No concierge patient membership fees to lock you in. No physician referrals needed. No insurance required. No copays. No coinsurances. No deductibles. No prior authorizations. No denials. No insurance runaround.
    • Transparent and Reasonable Clinic Fees. Pay just for your PHW concierge clinic services rendered. No blindsiding incidental charges, surprise or hidden fees. No confusing medical bills.
    • 10% Patient Special Discount — 10% off DSC clinic fees for seniors, couples, and family members.
    • 15% Fullscript Supplements Discount — 15% off Fullscript high quality, medical grade, nutraceuitical supplements. Convenient online ordering, auto-ship re-ordering, and free shipping.
    • Secure Patient Portal. Self-service your health care needs right your sofa with your smartphone or computer device. Patient portal offers provider or office communications, patient health information access, appointment(s) management, and payment remittance from the convenience of wherever you are.
    • Health Insurance Reimbursements. Use your health plan out of network benefit to get reimbursed for PHW concierge clinic fees. We provide the necessary appointment documentation to submit to your health plan for reimbursement. Contact your health plan's administrator or membership services to learn more.
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)/Health Spending Account (HSA) Eligible. Use your FSA/HSA debit cards to pay for PHW DSC clinic services and benefit with up to 40% in pre-tax savings. Your FSA/HSA debit cards may also be used to pay for specialty testing and nutraceutical supplements not covered by most health insurance plans. Contact your FSA/HSA benefits administrator to learn more.

    Faster access, high quality, individualized care to restore your optimum health and rejuvenate your lifelong vitality. We are always here to help you because your health is a continuous journey that we are on together. PHW has successfully treated patients with an assortment of health conditions from all over. Our positive patient reviews are a testament to our unparalleled DSC concierge services and exceptional VIP patient experience. New patients and referrals welcome. Just click on the New Patients button below to learn more on how to become a patient. 



    Comprehensive Health Care

    Health Care Expertise and Services



    Alternative Medicine

    Botanical Medicine

    Functional Medicine

    Genomic Medicine

    Geriatric Medicine

    Internal Medicine

    Integrative Medicine

    Lifestyle Medicine

    Longevity/Anti-Aging Medicine

    Nutritional Medicine

    Preventive-Wellness Medicine

    Target Health Conditions



    Clinical Evaluations

    Employee Health

    Executive Health

    Integrative Primary Care

    Medical Consultations

    Nutritional Consultations

    Wellness Consultations

    Personalized Health Plans

    Personalized Wellness Plans

    Toxins Detoxification

    Target Health Conditions




    Hypertension, high cholesterol, HDL/LDL, heart rhythm, heart function


    Thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, Addison's disease, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


    Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's disease, Candida, leaky gut, gut flora


    Allergy, autoimmune, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic inflammation, food allergies, food sensitivities, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)


    Vector-borne diseases, Lyme disease, tick co-infections, long-hauler or long COVID (PASC)


    Weight, diet, energy, sleep, toxins detoxification, anxiety, chronic stress


    MTHFR defect, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes, obesity


    Mood swings, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cognition decline, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS Syndrome


    Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia


    Fitness, nutrition, prevention, anti-aging, longevity



    Direct Specialty Care


    PHW is a Direct Specialty Care (DSC) concierge clinic for men and women. DSC is an innovative healthcare model where we directly partner with you rather than restrictive third-party health insurance middlemen. We directly provide you with the most advanced specialty care services while bypassing third-party health plans from limiting us from what matters the most to you — your personal health and well-being. Health insurance operates on the traditional medicine model of illness and disease management, relying exclusively on expensive pharmaceutical medications, as well as hospital-based specialty procedures and surgery. PHW's whole health care model is totally different — we strive to minimize, if not eliminate altogether, patient dependence on pharmaceutical medications and hospitalizations. Our proactive model is focused on prevention and wellness for optimum healthspan, coupled with a totally holistic approach to your health. We practice at the most advanced levels; use the most latest treatments and technologies; and offer extended patient visits and provider accessibility that is beyond the scope of health plans coverage. 


    NOTE: At a minimum, a high deductible health insurance plan is highly recommended for unforseen catastrophic medical emergencies, requiring hospitalization or surgery; as well as ancilliary services, including lab tests, radiology or diagnostic imaging, etc.


    Free Concierge Membership. No Surprise Fees


    PHW is absolutely free to join. No concierge patient membership fees. Reasonable, transparent, flat fees per appointment. No blindsiding incidental charges, hidden or recurring fees. No complex medical bills. Pay for just for the concierge clinic services that you receive while having the flexibility and convenience to see us again on demand. Our concierge clinic fees are determined on a patient-by-patient basis to include:

    • Patient Complexity*. The level of complexity of patient health issues and medical conditions presented at the time of their appointment.
    • Provider Face Time*. Our provider's dedicated face time with the patient.
    • Provider Medical Review Time*. Our provider's dedicated patient health information review and assessment time.
    • Concierge Clinic Services Rendered*. Medical analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and consultation services rendered at the time of the patient appointment.
    • Initial Concierge Clinic Visits. Up to 120 minute provider face time + 60 minute provider patient health information review and assessment time. $450-$550 initial office visit fee*. Initial visits include our signature VIP experience with complimentary patient concierge perks.

    NOTE: A one-time, non-refundable, initial appointment reservation deposit is required upon scheduling initial office visit appointments to be automatically credited towards initial concierge clinic visit fees.

    • Followup Concierge Clinic Visits. Up to 45 minute provider face time + 30 minute provider patient health information review and assessment time. $250-$350 followup office (or telehealth) visit fee*. Followup visits include our signature VIP experience with complimentary patient concierge perks.
    • Special Patient Discount. 10% discount off concierge clinic fees for seniors, couples, and family members. Patient special discount is credited towards patient payment for concierge clinic services rendered per appointment. Contact us to learn more. Referrals welcome.
    • Healthcare Insurance Reimbursements. Insured patients simply use their health plan out-of-network provider benefits to get reimbursed for PHW concierge clinic services. We provide medical appointment documentation (superbill) that they submit to their health plans for reimbursement. Contact your health plan provider or membership services to learn more.
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)/Health Spending Account (HSA) Eligible. FSA/HSA debit cards may be used to pay for PHW concierge clinic fees, specialty lab testing, and nutraceutical or compounded supplements not covered by health insurance plans. Contact your FSA/HSA benefits provider to learn more.
    • Lower Health Care Costs. Better Health Care Outcomes. PHW offers lower overall annual health care costs for superior patient clinical outcomes. Our concierge clinic services, including 1 initial visit + 3 followup visits, costs almost 40% less than spiraling annual health plan deductibles and premiums that offer less and less member benefits each year. Better health care made simple. We are always with you for whatever comes your way.

    NOTE: PHW concierge clinic fees are not inclusive of any optional health care administrative services fees, including third party medical records review, current medical records copies, third-party patient forms, disability determinations, dietary counseling, special reports, etc., that are solely the patient's financial responsibility. Patients are also solely financially responsible for all of their third party health care coordination services, including labs, pharmacies, imaging, etc.





    Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW) - McLean

    6845 Elm STSTE 309

    McLean, VA 22101 (US)

    Closing mid-February 2023



    M-F 8:30am-12:30pm EDT/EST

    M-F 1:30pm - 4:30pm EDT/EST

    Closed Weekends & Major Holidays


    Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW) - Tysons

    8321 Old Courthouse RD STE 202

    Vienna, VA 22182 (US)

    Opening mid-February 2023

    M-F 8:30am - 12:30pm EDT/EST

    M-F 1:30pm - 4:30pm EDT/EST

    Closed Weekends & Major Holidays




    Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW)

    PO Box 5776

    Arlington, VA 22205 (US)



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    How It Works  



    1st - Submit your completed new patient express intake form. We will send you your new patient registration forms to complete.  


    2nd - Submit your completed new patient registration forms. We will contact you to schedule your initial appointment.


    3rd - Check-in at our office in-person. Complete any required check-in tasks. Get promptly seen by our health care provider.


    PHW Express Intake Form

  • FAQs


    Frequently Asked Questions




    New patients and referrals are welcome. We see both men and women.



    New patients simply begin here to get started. New patients must provide our office:

    1. A valid, active, government-issued photo identification card.
    2. All currently enrolled, active healthcare plan membership card(s).
    3. A preferred active billing credit/debit card(s) to keep securely on file for payments of health care services provided, including the one-time, non-refundable initial visit reservation deposit and accrued patient account balances.

    NOTE: Patients must be punctual for all scheduled appointments. No show or tardy patients unnecessarily disrupt our practice and inconvenience both our patients and staff.

    • All patients who are more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointments will be automatically re-scheduled to a mutually available future date and time.
    • Repeated patient tardiness for 2 or more scheduled appointments will result in a $75 no show charge per each late appointment to offset the disruption to our practice and the inconvenience to our patients and staff.
    • All patients must notify our office, a minimum of 2 business days before their scheduled appointments, for all appointment cancellations and reschedule requests. Failure to do so will result in a $150 no show fee per missed new appointment and $75 no show fee per missed follow up appointment to offset the disruption to our practice and the inconvenience to our patients and staff.




    All patients must wear protective face masks while in our clinic. Although it is safe for in-person visits, established patients may always opt for virtual televisits instead. Due to our stringent COVID protocol, early arrival patients must wait in the first floor main lobby or Sweet Bites cafe until 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to check-in at our office. Patients should not be accompanied by anyone else when entering our office.


    NOTE: Please use CDC's Coronavirus Self-Checker to first determine whether you are safe for our in-person medical care. All current and previously symptomatic and asymptomatic infected patients, as well as those patients who were recently exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 infection must promptly notify our office as an urgent personal safety measure.


    PHW has taken the necessary safeguards to maximize your in-office personal health safety including:

    • Strict new personal hygiene and health safety office protocol
    • Fully vaccinated health care provider and staff
    • Protective masks required for all patients
    • Staggered in-person office visit appointments
    • Office staff and patient pre-screening
    • Office hospital-grade HEPA air purification, sanitation, and personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Refer to our Resources for more COVID-19 information.



    PHW does not offer COVID-19 testing or vaccinations. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, always remain vigilant to avoid getting exposed or infected to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants that cause COVID-19 illness. Furthermore, take advantage of available local COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccinations to mitigate the risk of getting infected and further spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus.



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