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    Ascend To Better Health 

    Welcome to PHW Specialty Clinic, where we redefine adult health care through our boutique Direct Specialty Care (DSC) approach. Our clinic offers an integrative, holistic alternative to traditional insurance-based medicine: advanced Functional Medicine (FM) to address a wide spectrum of health concerns, including acute and chronic conditions, as well as medically unexplained symptoms (MUS). FM is comprehensive, evidence-based specialty care that prioritizes understanding and treating the root causes of health issues. By integrating holistic principles from traditional and alternative medicine with cutting-edge insights into human biology, disease mechanisms, advanced diagnostics, and personalized treatments, we achieve superior health outcomes above and beyond conventional health care. Our personalized FM treatments are tailored to each individual, promoting health and well-being in a manner that is right for you by aligning with your unique health needs and goals.


    Discover Better Care Made Simple 

    Experience a new standard in personalized health care, covering preventative, anti-aging, and geriatric care for men and women. As our valued VIP patient, you will enjoy exclusive amenities such as:


    ❂ Priority scheduling with same-day or week appointments

    ❂ Minimal wait times

    ❂ Flexible in-person and online consultations

    ❂ Extended, unhurried one-on-one appointments

    ❂ After-hours clinic access, and much more


    Break away from health insurance constraints and hassles with our Annual VIP Treatment Packages, offering 12 months of exceptional concierge specialty care. These packages include comprehensive consultations, personalized treatment plans, and seamless care coordination, all with transparent pricing and flexible payment options. Due to high patient demand, our select patient panel is limited, so secure your place today. Explore becoming part of our exclusive patient community today to elevate your journey towards optimal health and well-being. Benefit from priority scheduling, extended clinic visits with no wait times, and the convenience of in-person or Telehealth consultations at our Tysons clinic. Gain continuous access to your health information through our secure 24/7 patient portal. Join our patient family and redefine your health care experience with unparalleled health care excellence. Sign up today and start on your path to better health and lifelong well-being at PHW Specialty Clinic.

    Curious if PHW Specialty Clinic is right for you? Book a complimentary discovery call to discuss your health concerns or goals with us. We always look forward to saying hello.