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    Soar Towards Total Well-Being

    Welcome to patient health care reimagined and redefined. Potomac Health & Wellness (PHW) is a woman-owned boutique Functional Medicine specialty clinic that provides top-tier direct specialty care (DSC) - a simple and modern alternative to traditional insurance-based medicine. Our advanced root-cause medicine approach addresses various health issues, from acute and chronic conditions to medically unexplained symptoms (MUS). Our comprehensive clinic services transcend conventional health care norms and limitations. We prioritize overall well-being by holistically integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Through advanced medical acumen and data-driven insights, integrated with highly personalized treatment, our superior patient outcomes surpass traditional health care. With a integrative focus on preventative, anti-aging, and geriatric care, we deliver top-tier concierge specialty care for men and women.


    Rise Above Ordinary Care

    Look no further than PHW Specialty Clinic where health care is the way it should be - seeing the same provider each visit for attentive, one-on-one personalized care. Our signature VIP patient experience offers extended, no-wait visits, priority same day/same week appointments, in-person or online virtual visits, and after-hours clinic access. PHW Specialty Clinic operates 100% insurance-free. No deductibles. No co-pays. No prior authorizations. No provider referrals. No surprise bills. Our direct specialty care (DSC) is solely between provider and patient with no involvement from third party health plans. We offer reasonable and transparent clinic fees, as well as appointment insurance coded documents for patients to submit to their health plans for their out of network benefit reimbursements. Better health care made simple.


    Ascend To Wellness With PHW

    Starting your well-being journey with us is quick and easy. No health insurance, provider referrals, or prior health plan authorizations required. We see most patients who are willing to travel to see us at our Northern Virginia Tysons clinic location. Our clinic is ADA accessible and offers ample complimentary patient parking. See us sooner, not later with others. Embark on your path to lifelong wellness, vitality, and well-being at PHW Specialty Clinic. Learn more about joining our patient family or simply become a patient. We currently offer same-day/same-week, in-person or online, no wait, extended time appointments. Experience care like never before at PHW Specialty Clinic. 

    Still curious if PHW Specialty Clinic is right for you? Book a complimentary discovery call to discuss your health concerns or goals and how we can help you. We always look forward to saying hello.